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It's been a long cold winter and it's still hanging on.
But I was able to get down to the range and sight in my SBL today.
It was too cold to take pics and my poor wife was frozen head to toe.
I mounted a Leupold 2.5x28 scout scope with low qrw mounts.
I hate chasing paper so I started at 25 yards, low and left.
The wind had 15mph gusts and was blowing pretty good.
I was using HSM 430grain bear loads to sight in with.
a few clicks and I was dead on center but still a few inches left.
For hunting it's fine especially in a wind like that.
Moved it out to 50 yards and dropped 2 in the same hole! :biggrin:
got out to 75 yards and dialed it in. I hada nice tight grouping about
1 inch at 75 yards and a few fliers from flinching, all shots still on the left.
Bench resting those big bear loads took it's toll and after about 20 rounds I
was happy and let the wife shoot it.
She's 83 lbs. soaking wet and 4'10" and has not fired from a seated position.
The first rounds was Priceless! :marchmellow:
No harm, just she was surprised by the kick. Her shot was way off.
Second shot was in the group and after that it was just a ragged hole
being made. she sent about 10 of the big boys down range.
Then I tried some HSM 405 grain cowboy action loads. Smokey loads.
They were almost like shooting black powder loads.
Still grouping at 75 yards pretty close.
Switched over to 300 grain Federals and they were still grouping close to
the 430 grainers.
We went through about 3 boxes.
Then did some fast Bear attack drills at 25 yards.
This involves holding the rifle in a sloppy ready position and bringing it to target
as fast as safely possible, firing, cycling and firing again as fast as possible.
Both of us at 25 yrds would have ended Mr Bears day all were within 3-4 inches
of center.
So I know my wife can shoot it and shoot it fast if need be and with the big loads.
I'm loving the scout scope in a big way and think 2.5x is enough for me.

Just wondering if I should zero it out at 100 yards when it's not windy or leave it
at 75 yards?

Big real problem is my wife now loves shooting this gun!
It's very accurate!
Might have to buy her her own SBL if I can find one. :eating:
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