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Greetings, relatively new to forum, I've posted on other sections before... seems to run in batches but this last year I've had several Marlins come into my small shop and you guys have been great with your help. Well today a Marlin model "94" serial number 996958 was brought in and I'm trying to tell the year of manufacture. It's a .38-40 caliber. Any help is appreciated,,, Jumpin Joe
As far as we know Marlin's serial numbers only went up to about 455300. Is it possible that what you think looks like a 9, is actually a 4. If so you are looking at 1914-15.

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I have finally got some spare time, and I finally finished the update to the Marlin Year code, Production dates, and Ser# on 1 sheet. PDF. This was Ver.8.

This one is Ver.12 , I have changed it around a few times since the last one. This now has the Date codes and I hope all Marlin models and there production dates from 1870-2010.
I don't plan on adding any Remlin.

You will find guns dated the year before from the post production,and there will be some made after the gun was cut from the line.
But I just went with what the catalogs showed. I did add some non cataloged item and they will have NC after them.

There is 3 sheets now. One is mainly dating the guns and some production numbers for 1881,1888,1889,1891's and production years for the pistols and Ballards.
The next 2 sheets are the rest of the Marlin guns and there production years.Mostly Center-fire on page 1 and rim-fire and shotguns on page 2

I want give thanks to Brophy,Flayderman,44-40 Willy,Swany,Gunhugger,Six_Gunz,Dawei,Parly Bear,Don Anderson come to mind. I am sure there are more, will have to look back on my note.

Anyway look them over, print them out, and if you see any that I missed, let me know. If I didn't miss something, I will be very surprised.
They should all fit on a letter sized sheet, but you might have to let the printer downsize it a bit to get all of it on the sheet.

A ( * ) is put next to new or fixed model on this updated sheet. Starting with the 12/24/13 update.
9/11/12 Added 1895GBL to page 1 Thanks to TJ336
9/13/12 Added Single Shot shotguns to Page 2, Model 60 and 200
9/25/12 Page 2-- Fixed 55-G , changed dates to 1961-65 and added 16,20ga
10/14/12 Page 1-- Changed Model 93 end date to 1936, Changed Model 455 from 1956-58 to 1955-59. Also highlighted few items in red, were it states, ( Not Prod.)
01/07/13 Page 1-- Changed Model 1891 .22 and .32 cal. end date to 1895. Was assembled after this date, but was no longer cataloged.
01/20/13 Page 1-- Date on 444P was 2000-02, now 1999-02
07/04/13 Page 2-- Model 70 Glenfield and Model 25 Glenfield dates changed and included Non cataloged years.
12/24/13 Page 1--Fixed typo- Model 1894CBS 38 Special is now 1894CBC 38 Special, also 1894CB 38 Special made 2002 only and is not cataloged was added. Thanks to gc70
02/03/14 Page 1--Added non cataloged 30AW from 1984-97. Also changed 336W from 2000-10 to 1999-10. Thanks N578ND for bringing to my attention.
04/15/14 Page 1--Added non cataloged 1894CL made 2008. Thanks to Sniper. Also added non cataloged C30AS made 1992. Thanks to semperdog for putting one up for sale.
Hi Schtoolee,

Thank you for the considerable time and effort you invested in these lists. I've found nothing posted anywhere else that rivals them. Truly a research gem !

Using the other websites such as, their search placed the manufacture of my customer's Marlin 93 in 1883 :-(

Your list reports the rifle was manufactured sometime during 1905 - 1936. Since it is a low number, I suspect it was 1905-1906.

Perhaps you'd enjoy seeing the rifle markings ...

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Best Regards,
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