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Was out shooting my Camp 9 on Friday. I've had a couple threads on here about mine bending the bullets and jamming. Finally worked it out Friday. The 16.5 lb spring really jams the rounds into the chamber, and when I was just shooting PMC hardball, some of the bullets would actually get deformed. I had posted up pictures of this before, but here they are again.

So on Friday, I shot Brown Bear (steel cased), PMC, and Winchester WB. All were 115 round hardball, and I used Mecgar 20 round mags. Only the PMC rounds crumpled, so I think that the PMC brass must be softer than the Winchester brass. The Brown Bear functioned perfectly, and was far and away the cleanest ammo to shoot. I might make Brown Bear my regular ammo, especially considering that Cheaper Than Dirt usually has it for $7.99 a box. It makes 9mm too cheap to justify reloading, unless you want some sort of specialty ammo. The Winchester WB also functioned perfectly.
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