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Loaded with Power-Shok Grand Slam™ bullets for maximum weight retention and consistent, uniform expansion at any range. These bullets are constructed with Speer's exclusive Hot-Core process which eliminates any chance of core/jacket separation at impact. The jacket profile and fluted tip promote reliable energy transfer and mushrooming. 20 rounds per box.

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Hmm -- I don't know the definitive answer right off hand. But a couple of observations are in order:

> From the Cabelas description, we can see that Federal is using Speer Hot-Core bullet technology for this bullet. But, I know for a fact (since I've got some on hand) that actual Speer Hot-Cor bullets do not have a fluted tip, I'm holding one of them right now -- a Speer 150 gr Hot-Cor flat nose bullet intended for .30-30 use. Well, I just put it down to type, but you catch my drift. So we know that they are not using actual Speer Hot-Cor bullets.

> It is not at all uncommon for Federal to develop and use their own bullet designs in their factory ammo, and then not release the bullets as reloading components. For instance, AFAIK you can't buy Federal Hydro-Shock pistol bullets as components, they come as factory loaded ammo only.

My guess is that they have licensed or otherwise acquired Speer technology and are using it in their own bullet design.

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ATK, the parent company of Federal, also owns these companies

Alliant Powder
Black Cloud Ammo
CCI Ammunition
Estate Cartridge
Federal Premium
Fusion Ammunition
Law Enforcement
Shooters Ridge
Speer Ammo
Speer Bullets

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My 336C loves the Federal store bought. I tried ta figger out what bullet so I kin handload 'em. This is what Federal tole me last September.


Unfortunately, we do not offer the Power-shok bullets as a reloading

3030A and WM3030A are the same loads with the WM being exclusive
packaging to wal-mart.
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