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Last time I was home I headed to the range to try out a 175 grain match load, things did not go as planned.

I had to tweak the scope the night before because of a tilted cross hair, so I did expect the zero to be a little off but tried to wing it.


My normal method under these type of circumstances is to start at the fifty yard bench, this is when I would get my chronograph readings also, then move to the hundred yard bench for zeroing, then finally to the two hundred yard bench for fun.

Well in a moment of less then spectacular reasoning I decided to start at the 200 yard mark. I made the 8 click up adjustment this scope would normally work with when I would use my 168 grain load, and it was only about a half a foot to the left, and slightly hi, but getting it dead on took a lot of unnecessary work, and ammo.

Another lesson is that the spotting scope I was using was just about usless at 200 yards, and simply reinforces my belife of buying the glass you can afford


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