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Factory 300gr Loads - Win, Fed or Rem

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I am looking to stock up on some factory ammo to round out my reloading efforts. I am currently favouring the Federal 300gr Speer Hotcor load given the quality of the bullet but would appreciate observations on other projectiles loads. We are talking deer and bear hunting at this point.

Thanks in advance.
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It's going to be hard to be the federal load with the speer bullet. My 1895 likes winchester's 300gr HP. It works fine on deer and moderate sized black bear.
I wouldn't shoot a game animal with a HP, especially a 45/70, no need & too much chance of it coming apart. Granted my personal horror story was with a Win 300HP load but its not worth the risk to me. A decent SP or cast bullet is a better option IMHO. :)
My XLR came with a bunch of 300g HP (not sure what brand) and had heard horror stories of them not penetrating so I put one into a tree to test and was quite surprised by the result (see pic).
Some of the 300g'ers may be soft but these weren't.
I've since loaded up a bunch of 405Rems and they shoot/group heaps better so I won't be using the HP's anyway.


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I know Black Bear have been taken with 300 HP, even the soft Rem 300. I would use at the 405 Remington over the 300's for Bear. If you are going to use a 300 grain bullet for Bear,the Hotcor would be the better of the three and the Remington 300 would be the worst.. in my opinion.

reloader458 said:
I know Black Bear have been taken with 300 HP, even the soft Rem 300. I would use at the 405 Remington over the 300's for Bear. If you are going to use a 300 grain bullet for Bear,the Hotcor would be the better of the three and the Remington 300 would be the worst.. in my opinion.

I have confidence in the hotcor bullet for deer and bear. I have been stocking up on 405gr Rem bullets and plan to load up a ton of ammunition. The problem I have is that north of the border, it is hard to get components. In some case, there is some value to getting a case of the federal hotcor factory ammo is good value when you look at purchasing bullets and brass. I am relatively new to the 45/70 so it does make some sense. The endstate for me will be reloaded ammo for hunting.
The 300 grain hotcore penetrates great. Last fall I shot a whitetail buck at 125 yards, and the bullet entered a couple inches from the shoulder and penetrated the full length of the deer and exited about a quarter inch from the vent. You hit it, it's dead
Nosler came out with a 300 gr BST that is factory loaded by Winchester. It is a pretty robust bullet and one you should also consider.

The 300gr hot-cor would be one of the better options for 300gr factory ammo. Tough bullet for big game as well as deer. Personally I've taken both a black bear and mule deer with a 300gr Remington hp which worked very well @ 2050fps. At 2250 or 2350 would have worked as well? The thing with hollow points (or any bullet) is not to push them faster than they are designed. Imo many of the 'horror' stories of these bullets blowing up is people pushing them beyond their limits of staying together, 2000-2400fps, and or very close shots. For deer size game at moderate speed a 300gr hp is devastating.
I picked up a case of the Federal 300gr Hotcor. The price is right and given the cost of components, not to bad a deal. I like to have lots of brass and bullets on hand so it is not cost effective right now but cheaper than the initial purchase of reloading components. Now I am stocking up on cast bullets to play with as well....
From reading these posts, I assume federal quit making the 300gr partition round. Too bad cause it's an accurate and tough round that was loaded up to it's potential. Glad I bought a few boxes when it was made!!! :)
the 300gr winchesters shoot through one ragged hole at 100 yrds in my rifle.

As for penetration and performance on big game in the US. That 300 grain bullet will break any bone it hits and cross through the animal completely. Probably even a rear quartering shot that breaks a rear leg.

I have shot 4 inch mesquite trees and had a HP bullet exit. I would not hesitate to shoot any deer, elk, hog, or black bear inside of 200 yards with the 300gr winchester loads. I do not know that anybody makes a solid point bullet in a 300 gr factory load. Even Buffalo bore loads a HP bullet. the 200 yard limit is more of a limit to the sights on my rifle as to the limits of the cartridge.

Personally moose and grizzlies would get a heavier soft point, but I am not sure that is actually required, at the ranges the 45-70 would be used.
i've shot the 300 grain win, rem and fed in my GG and they all shoot the same, one holer at 50 yards. i've gotten half a dozen or so deer with them and while the deer mostly ran, they did signifcant damage and killed them. however, the first deer i got with it was with the rem 405 FP's and while i did it it a bit too far forward in the brisket, it ran for several hundred yards. the bullet carved a round hole right through it and went into the ground about 2 feet. i dug it out and found it was not expanded at all, just had the tip flattened. i guess thats ok if you're hunting something that needs penetration but i like expansion and big holes.
It really is a case of "the right tool for the job", I have Fallow and Sambar deer where I hunt. Still yet to shoot at a deer with the 45/70 (not for lack of trying though) but have used my 30/06 on both species and with factory 150g corelocts they charge straight on thru the Fallow and are devastating yet the same load on Sambar hasn't pased thru on a side on chest shot at 40m! For the Sambar I've loaded up the 405g Rem's if they can't get thru I don't think anything will.
The Federal 300 gr. Speer load is the best of the lot.
I shot the 405gr Remington loads last weekend. I was amazed at how little recoil there is compared to other rounds. Remington 30-30 rounds seem to have more recoil.
The only 45/70 I have shot was the H&R target rifle with the 32 in oct barrel with the 405's and I agree that the 30-30 carbine has more felt recoil
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