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Equipment for Spring 2011

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List your Gun, Choke, Load for this Springs head bustings!

Mine will be the Remington Super Mag, Jellyhead .665 choke and Nitro ammo Co 4x5x7 3.5" 2 7/16oz load. Pick 'em up next weekend. :)
Looking forward to patterning. .DT
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• Mossberg® Mdl 500C 20ga pump, Hastings® Choke (.570"), Winchester® Supreme® 3" Magnum 1 5/16oz #4Pb (#STH2034)

• Remington® SPR220 (Baikal® IZH-43) 20ga SxS, First Barrel: Colonial Turkey Choke (.570"), Federal® Flitecontrol® Mag-Shok® 3" 1185fps 1 5/16oz #6Pb (PFC258 6)

•Second Barrel: Colonial Turkey Choke (.575"), Remington® Nitro-Turkey 3" Magnum 1 5/16oz #5Pb (#PFC258 4)

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My 835 and Encore BP 12ga turkey. Not shown is my Knight BP turkey gun that was used a few years ago to take the #4 Rio by BP. Taking my 28ga with the special barrel as well. reflex264
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Mossberg 835 24" nonported, StarDot .676, Hevi 13 3.5" 2.25oz #6's. It was only 33 degrees when I shot the pattern below, it goes over 200 in the 10" on warm days: This one is 170 in the 10" @ 43yds, 33 degrees, wind left to right.

I also shoot an 870 Special Purpose 20", Kicks .660, Hevi 13 3" 2oz #6's or Nitro H378i 4x5x7 Hevi. It's in the 150's with the Hevi and 220's with the Nitros.
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remington sp 1187 21 inch remington super full 3 inch winchester #6 1 3/4 realy hope i can try this out on a ole tom!
12 Ga. Remington 1187 SP 3" Magnum
Undertaker Choke Tube
Winchester Supreme 3" Magnum 5 shot
PSE Bow madness XS 28 1/2 draw 64# chronoed at 304 fps shooting an Easton Epic ST arrow at 371 grains tipped with a Montec CS 100 grain broadhead
Mossberg 935 turkey 22 inch barrel Kicks .670 and federal 3.5 #5 flite control wad
Same as I used last year, 20ga, full choke, flightcontrol #6 shot.
Taken at 30yds,DRT.
Mathews DXT 28.5" / 70# Easton N-Fused Carbon ST Axis arrow tipped with a 100gr Montec CS (TAW= 430grs)

One killing machine!!! :eek:
IPyrek said:
Same as I used last year, 20ga, full choke, flightcontrol #6 shot.
Taken at 30yds,DRT.
Those are awesome Pb loads!
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