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Beautiful work as always Robert. Did you find this elephant hide more difficult to work with than more traditional leathers?

You better have a set of ivory grips for whatever gun you have in mind, DWB...anything less would be crass and unbecoming, bordering on vulgar. :wink:

Rockin' the boat, and feeding the pig... Way to go Roe.

I'm having a hard enough time trying to convince Mrs. DWB that I need another holster as it is. I just put a set of Cocobolos on that .45 and they are sure enough nice. Not as nice as ivory, but certainly quite removed from vulgar. I used to have a set of elephant hide boots that would have matched this set Eagle is making beautifully. But I picked those up when I was single and the boots were only about $120 - - thirty-five odd years ago. Now, I have some pretty strict oversight on my budgeting (unlike the gub'mint), and the thought of dropping $400 on a pair of boots isn't in the cards.

As nice as that elephant hide overlay is, sadly, I don't reckon I'll be in a position to get that budgeted either. :'(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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