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Effecticve Range of Marlin 39A

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My Granddaughter and I are working on a 39a. We put it back together yesterday just to do some plinking. I have a small rifle range on my property, about 63 yards.

Anyway, I have a Marling 60 as well. We were plinking with the 39a, but we could not even reach the 63 yrd targets. The M60 on the other hand had no difficulty at all.

So question, What is the effective range of a Marlin 39a. I was using match grade 22lrs, Rim Thickness of .047. All the bullets weight were identical to .0005gr.

Am I missing something or did I just have poor ammunition for the 39a? Rifle is scoped in to 50 yrd.

Thanks for the help.
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Yep, the problem is real, and we have sighted the rifle in at 50 yrd. No joke, the 39a does not perform as well as the M 60.
Yes, the bullet is dropping before it reaches the target. I zeroed the rifle about 5 months a go. Now I will say this, the rifle has been shot a lot.when I bought it, it looked to have been used a lot.
Boys I went to the range yesterday. I took my BSA Bore Sighting tool and place the rifle in my lead sled, really locked it down. I had perfect sight alignment. Shot the 39a and it was hight and to the left. Made a few MOA adjustments, and got the rifle to hit the centered horizontal line. However, I would not bring in the vertical line to hit center mass. Did check for Lead fouling, nothing found. Crown is fine, but I did notice that the 3 x 9 new scope was not sitting straight on the rifle. I put a rail on the rifle, but the rings do not seem to catch that the scope is straight on the rifle. I am going to work with it today.
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