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Effecticve Range of Marlin 39A

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My Granddaughter and I are working on a 39a. We put it back together yesterday just to do some plinking. I have a small rifle range on my property, about 63 yards.

Anyway, I have a Marling 60 as well. We were plinking with the 39a, but we could not even reach the 63 yrd targets. The M60 on the other hand had no difficulty at all.

So question, What is the effective range of a Marlin 39a. I was using match grade 22lrs, Rim Thickness of .047. All the bullets weight were identical to .0005gr.

Am I missing something or did I just have poor ammunition for the 39a? Rifle is scoped in to 50 yrd.

Thanks for the help.
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This isn't just a come on is it? If anything the 39 should out shoot the 60. If for real the 39 isn't reaching the same target that the 60 is, I'd look for a large sight mis-adjustment. Assuming you were using the same ammunition is both rifles and the 60 had no problem with it, close in your shooting distance for the 39 until it starts to print on your target and then make the necessary sight adjustments. That's after checking the entire rifle over for loose parts, bore obstructions etc. good luck
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My 39M is as good @ 100 yds as my 60SB!
Deadwood there is something wrong here, I would try as MWelch instructed. Get the rifle to hit paper and work on the sights to get them accurate. then move farther out. a 22lr should be good to at least 63 yds and beyond. I think my daisey bb rifle will hit 63 yds.
I was shooting steel plates over the weekend at 125 yards offhand with my 38A and iron sights. The little .22 bullet was smacking the steel pretty good. I've shot it at 200 yards but with my eyes, iron sights off hand at 200 yards is more luck than skill when I hit.

Bottom line, at 63 yards, you should be able to hit the target with great regularity usinga 39A (unless your target is the size of a pin head...

Re-read your original post.

What do you mean when you say it won't reach out to 63 yards? You mean literally, the bullet is not traveling 63 yards or the bullet isn't holding on target at that range?

Hmmm...that is curious for sure! I shoot both my 39a and my 39D at distances beyond the 60, 70, 80, yard marks and not only does it reach the target but is very accurate too. There's gotta be something going on there with the sights thats messing with you. Good luck!
Sumtin aint rite for sure. Maybe be real slow ammo ? I parted a squillls noggin with mine a few years ago at 83 steps . Im over 6 ft. and take a full step , I aint no great shot eather . Big 4X scope and CCI std. vel. ammo . CB longs will do a 60 yard group in mine too . 4" washer with about a 2 1/2 " hole on a corner post , if the shot hit washer your turn was over no noise , center shot you get to keep shootin ! Thats with CCI cb longs . Something aint right with something for sure . Get a bigger piece of paper and track the rounds down , all I know to do .

Let us know .
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How's the crown on the 39A, any dings?
A lot of variables, starting with ammo. Some guns just won't shoot with certain makes of ammo, no matter what you do. Can be one hole groups in one gun and shotgun patterns with another. Just a matter of individual tolerances. Chambers make a LOT of difference in how a .22 shoots.

Another variable is the takedown screw. Some 39s like them tighter than others, check to see how tight it is. Hand tighten, don't try to use a coin in the slot or(shudder) a screwdriver. The lever props the bolt shut, a loose takedown screw can open headspace. If you look at the action with it split, you'll see that the lever rides tapered bosses on either receiver section. If the receiver isn't fully screwed closed, the lever will ride a little farther to the rear on those bosses and the bolt gets propped shut that much farther to the rear, too. I try to take mine down as little as possible.

I've found CCI Standard Velocity gives good results in my 39A, Eley Sport is equally good. But that's my gun, YMMV. And you may be stuck with what's on the shelf, not what you'd like to buy.

I've assumed you've already done the easy stuff, inspect for barrel rings and rust, check the crown for dings and dents, brush out the barrel with a bronze brush to get rid of any leading, check for loose sights, etc. A 39 will have the same effective range as any .22LR in decent shape.

Stan S.
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lots of great info here... all i can say is i was winging stumps and other stuff on a beach last summer... (safe backdrops as always...) we paced one of the stumps off at 147... course i was holding a good foot over the top of it... but hit it none the less...

besides... they post that "dangerous within a mile" for a reason right? 63 yards is a hop skip and a jump by comparison! good luck!
Model 39 range.....:hmmmm:
How's the crown on the 39A, any dings?

I'll probably catch it for saying this but the only thing I've noticed about so-called target loads are they cost more, my rifles shoot just as good with regular .22 LR bullets and I can't tell any difference except in cost. I will admit I'm not a paper puncher, I shoot things that either dance when hit ( ie. cans )or die.
Yep, the problem is real, and we have sighted the rifle in at 50 yrd. No joke, the 39a does not perform as well as the M 60.
Yes, the bullet is dropping before it reaches the target. I zeroed the rifle about 5 months a go. Now I will say this, the rifle has been shot a lot.when I bought it, it looked to have been used a lot.
Make sure the barrel isn't leaded up. that's the only thing I can think of.
depending on barrel length, bullet shape, velocity, etc. (lots of variables) but a .22LR (regular high velocity) should only have 5" - 6" drop at 100 if sighted in at 50 yards. If your bullets are dropping out of the sky at 60 yards, something is wrong there.

Yes, do check to be sure your barrel isn't leaded up to the point you're shooting a smooth bore. Even if leaded up, accuracy would be horrible but the bullet shouldn't be falling out of the sky at 60 yards.

Even if you're shooting shorts or CB caps it should still hit the target at 63 yards (well not if you're shooting birdshot but you didn't say that so I assume standard 22lr bullets).

Will be interesting to find out what's going on.
Check your brass for splits, I say your losing gas/propellant from somewhere beside the end of the barrel therefore preventing the "push" needed to propel the bullet. If this lack of power is missing then something is "definetly wrong".
Is the barrel shot out---i.e.---no rifling left--as in smooth bore ? I've heard of this happening but I've never seen one.--FWIW

Somethig does seem wrong with thw rifle if it is sighted in at 50 yds and then can not go 13 yds more. ON a windless day three of us burned a brick through a 39 marlin at 410 yds. Knoll to railroad track roadbed. Cans, aluminum cans, oil cans all jumped. Eleven hits in a row was best. Then when you missed, pass the marlin to next shooter. 3x9 scope. Can be done.
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