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This is political and I am posting it here because I think that here is where Larry would want such a thread posted, if he indeed wants it. If Larry feels the urge to delete this, won’t hurt my feelings. No matter how open and free he is with it, this is Larry’s house.

I am a bit confused. Heard on the TV tonight that Dubai has pulled out of the deal, kind of, and is putting the ports under a US subsidiary; and that the politicians are all happy with that. UAE press says that the deal is going forward; Saudi press says that the politicians have refused even that. Is confusing. I’ve attached links to a separate thread “Dubai Links” to keep this thread readable. I think these articles are important for Americans to read.

I’m all for the US controlling our own infrastructure, but that is not what is happening. Am I the only one sees irony that the current legislation against Dubai was proposed by Senator Clinton, whose husband engineered the Red Chinese take over of Long beach and Panama? And the British are now buying our power grid!

Is also the matter that the smaller Gulf States use foreign expertise for a very large part of their internal economy. Dubai is a holding company, uses foreign personnel (to them). Inside the UAE, much of their infrastructure is from US and European personnel. They own some of ours, but the management is not UAE personnel.

A biological culture, or guts of a nuclear hand grenade, would be about .03 cubic feet. Anyone think we’re going to tighten security down to that level? With all the stuff we import?
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