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Dressed the 336w up a little...

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Man oh man, can Lever make some leather! here are some pics of the buttstock cover and sling i just received.

I may have to get rid of the marshield now and follow Eric's example to refinish this thing just so it will look as good as the leather does! ;D

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Very nice setup. She looks great. You just can't do better than Levers leather!
Very Nice. How does your rifle like the LE ammo?

Mighty nice! Thanx for sharing the photos.
It likes LE very well! Next time out (that i have some money on ammo) I am going to try a few more just to see, but can't imagine it being much better than it is now!

here are my first two marlins before and after...

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Very nice indeed thank you for sharing with us!!! That leather definitely looks sweet on there it really dressed the rifle up well!!!
Like the choice of leather, simple, yet elegant with just enough touch of "I'm rugged made" Well done! Mr fixit
Wow that W is looking great! My W has much lighter toned wood, I was just wondering if you refinished yours and if so what did you use, I want to rip your work off and call it my own! If you did not refinish it, I am amazed at the color difference in our two leverguns, both a W, I diverge though, that looks incredible!
Good shooting to ya!
That is how she came out of the box! I had plans on refinishing her eventually, but I kind of like the way she looks. I ordered the leather back in October for my birthday (was in Feb) and man was this a great present.
I like the butt cover, alot, verrrrry classy. Gonna have to place an order with Lever, I like the subdued look, better than to "busy". DP
Thanks DP,
both my wife and Lever suggest that color, its medium brown stained. Lever said that with the stains as opposed to the dyes, the border stamps stand out more.
Gradninja, very nice addition to the 336W. Lever and your wife were correct on choice of stain, really makes the buttcuff stand out but not screaming at you. Enjoy you Marlin, take care, John.
I like it! Just one question... who is lever? ???
He has a section on the forum under partners or something....but his website is
Do the buttstock sleeves/cuffs wear into the stocks over time?
gradninja said:
He has a section on the forum under partners or something....but his website is
Thanks ninja. (I just feel really silly saying, "thanks ninja". ;D)
man I gots to get in line for one of t hose cuffs.....that is nice
okc-jimbo said:
Do the buttstock sleeves/cuffs wear into the stocks over time?
No..But like anything, if you do not take care of it, things happen. Just make sure you take your leather off of anything and clean your items and dress them like you normally would. Don't just put your stuff on and leave it there.

Kind of like the folks that put a bra on their car and never take it off the clean the car. They end up with sun stains and scratches etc.

Bottom line is, when you go to clean your gun, simply untie the cover and slean everything and you will have no problems. I have had a cover on one of my leverguns now for 8 years and no problem.

Thanks for the plug guys, this is a great post and hope I can someday make all of you something nice for your rifles. ;)
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