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... you ask a friend at the range 'How does that target look? 50m, right hand side, second one down'

Friend with binoculars - 'looks like 4 shots inside the black'

Me - 'you sure there's not five on that? I'm positive I fired five'

Friend - 'nope, I can only see four.... better put another into it, it's looking like a real good target so far'

Me - 'ummmmmm allright, what the heck!'


Friend - 'Bugger, you pulled that and it went into the black at 4 o'clock'

Walked out and changed targets during the next cease-fire, and counted the holes in this target Arrrrrgh! :eek:

I'm glad this is all in the name of fun ;D

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HotShot2 - 45 caliber bullet holes at 50 yards with binoculars and couldn't tell you had a double? You sure he doesn't know Rowdy? ;D ;D Shenandoah
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