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Hey! I know just what You feel. I had to send my 338 MX back in december and all the frustrating BS that they have been feeding us, I was RERALLY Mad for a while but I soon learned that I was not alone. I know not everyone can go out and buy another gun but that's what I did to do to relieve some of the frustration! so I found a 2007 308 MX and It fills the void for now, anyway You said May, I'll wait till the end of May and then I'll decide whether to get my money back or not. But You are right! this is BS!!!! What kind of company is this? Just hang tough till the end of May and see what happens. May 31st is my reckoning day for Marlington and My 338 MX. I guarantee this experience with them has changed My opinion of them and future purchases of there products. Dennis
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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