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Went away to camp for the weekend in NH & got a few pics. Did some fishing but came up dry, Did some bear hunting/scouting but came up dry. Saw alot of sign tho & once the weather turns colder they'll be more active so I'm optimistik. Finished siding the back of the cabin, only 1 & 1/2 walls to go & I even wired a few outlets in case theses ever lectricity there. Werst part was $3.29 a gal to get home. Down $.15 from when I went up tho.

Me & the dog

The boys catchin grasshoppers for bait.

A deer by an abandoned farmhouse.

That low clowd is over the CT river. It happens alot of mornings as far as you can look up the valley theres a cloud or fog right over the water.

The same fog lifting.

Our dog Sam. :D

The whole gang on the porch, Cant see me & the woman too good but I'm lucky I could get it to do an auto shoot. :D

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