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Does it get any better?

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Does it get any better than the following:

1) 356 Win Speer 158gr 2850fps BC .158
2) 356 Win Speer 180gr 2650fps BC .248
3) 356 Win Hoftx 200gr 2484 fps BC .300
4) 356 Win Speer 220gr 2350fps BC .316
5) 356 Win Winch 250gr 2160fps BC .304

What game did I leave out? 158grs for varmits, 180gr for antelope,deer & black bear, 200gr for elk, deer, 220gr for elk, moose, big wild boars, 250gr for grizzly etc etc. Talk about an all around rifle from bottom to top only need to own one. Only problem with rifle is you need to be a reloader but thats a lot of fun and fills some of the old winter nights up. Talk about an all around rifle.

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Looks like you've got the bases covered, unless you want to blow little varmints to smithereens. For them a 110-grain JSP at about 3300 fps would probably do the trick...........if it didn't vaporize halfway to the critter! ;)
Something that would vaporize would be a 90gr or so cast bullet at blazing speeds. Think they were made for 38's and 9mm's - would be an interesting adventure.

NRA Life
You also forgot the subsonic load and the shot shell.
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