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I remember you from the old Marlintalk site. Oh, those were the days.
You helped me once before with an oldStevens model 56 22 rifle. Perhaps you would help me again. What I am looking for now is the rear peep sight for this gun. I can see the slots for placement. Installation would be a snap, if I could find the sight. I looked through the Brownell's catalog and had no luck.
Do you have any ideas?
Also, what ever happened to Old 39A User?

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Hi John-

It's unlikely you are going to find a new peep for a rifle that old. Check the Steven's/Savage page at Numrich Arms- they sometimes come up with obsolete factory peeps..... I have a William's catalog I'll have to dig up and check- although not original, they may have something.

As far as Old 39-A User goes- I dunno! Last seen him about 4 months ago on the Winchester page at RFC...


Doc Sharptail
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