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Did Some Reloading Today

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Got to do some casting soon, all out of .44 250g Keiths.

Today's work was replenishing some 45-70 and .454 Casull I used up at the last range session.

My 45-70 boolits are very similar to Ranch Dog's, they're from an NOE group buy and have deeper grease grooves, but otherwise pretty much the same. My moulds have both gas check and plain base and are 350g and 425g when cast from WW.

In Winchester brass...

I loaded some of the 350's over 26g IMR 4227 for my light loads in that weight. Very pleasant and moving @ 1400fps if my calculations are correct.

The 425's got 27g IMR 4227 for the light load and the heavy load was 42g H4198.

I figure the heavy 425's are moving along @ 1600fps, nothing too earth shattering, but they still have a touch of recoil. The light load should be @ 1400fps also and pretty much shoots to the same POA as my light 350's.

I took a few of those 350's and sized them for my Casull. What the heck? I had 'em and a heavy boolit in the Casull is a natural.

FA gave me some new info and told me I could go up to 24g of W296/H110 as opposed to the 22g load they advised me of earlier. 22g W296 just wasn't cutting it. They printed so much higher than my standard 260g load it wasn't funny. This should bring it down a bit.

These SHOULD put me in the .480 Ruger territory moving a 350g boolit @ 1400fps +.

In a strange kind of way, this makes my 45-70 and the Casull a matched set shooting the same bullet at the same velocity - but in a different caliber.
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Me too.
I just loaded up 50 -2 3/4 1 3/8 oz -5 X 7 1/2 lead shotshells today, boy they look good.
I'm using Rio clear hulls and sp12 wad with 27 gr of 800X ,and fold crimp.It should be like a 1500 fps load. The lead shot , I loaded 400gr of #5 and 200 gr#7 1/2.I patterned this load last fall and was very happy with the results. It looks like a great Pheasant/sharptail load.I'm loading some 2 3/4" steel also. Fiocchi hulls ranger wads,1 oz #2 steel, and 34 gr "Steel" powder.

I just got in a bunch of Nickel plated #5's I'm going do some 3" shells for turkey and Big sage hens.

d, a few comments pertinent to shotshells, stated in my usual direct please take this as constructive if you don't mind.

There's no way 27/800X and 1 3/8 ounce shot is going to get anywhere near 1500 fps.....and you should be mighty thankful that it does not.

1250 to 1300 fps is more realistic. Ask me how I know.

The extra "speed" isn't needed with lead shot, and for sharptail, pheasants and such; you're doing yourself a disservice by "duplexing" the load. At extended ranges you sacrifice penetration with the 7 1/2's and essentially thin out the pattern.....the shot might hit the cardboard test target, but at 40 yards and more 7 1/2's are pretty much done and might as well not be there on a big bird like a sharptail. Best to stick with the 5's for the entire shot charge, and look into perhaps some buffered loads. At closer ranges the double shot charge offers no benefit. At longer ranges the shot string is excessively long as the small shot falls behind the bigger shot, and that means fewer shot arrive on target at the same time, especially on crossing and angling targets.

Duplexing has fallen from favor for a reason.

The SP 12 is a pretty decent shotcup, and as it was originally intended for 1 1/4 ounce loads it contains most of the 1 3/8ths shot charge. With firing setback it is just about entirely contained within the cup.

I'd suggest you looking into increasing pattern efficiency by using 5's for the entire charge, and should you want long range performance buffer is of far more benefit than any velocity increase.
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What a way to hijack a thread... Sorry
I have no way to check the speed,It is a published load. I have been shooting for 45 years and loading for 30 , the shot gun shells are relatively new to me only 10 years. I'm alway looking for input an every thing I do. And I thank you for that. We all have options . With that said: I have heard all the good and bad about duplex and all I can say Is I have had very good success in the past with them and the very reason I started reloading shot shells is so I can do Specialized loads . Confidence is a mager factor in any ones shooting. I have Confidence in my shells so I shoot better... Please though we don't agree continue to post any thoughts on any thing I post I'll give it all very serous consideration. Thanks. "D"
I did tons of shotshell reloading years ago in 10, 12 and 16 gauge and I agree with 35 Rem. I tried mixed loads and had better results using just one size of shot. Also in my shotguns, I got better patterns with with a moderate velocity load than the high speed loads.
Yep, it's hijacked a bit.

I'll send further thoughts by PM. Duplex shotshells are generally a bad idea.
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