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went to the range yesterday with the 1977 336c 30-30. This rifle wears a Williams 5d and a front site(.100 wide post type) I made from a brownell's sight blank. I had previously tried factory 150 gr core lokts and win 150 gr power points and both grouped well enough to kill deer but wanted a 150 gr bullet to group a little tighter. My friend had bought a box of reloading stuff at a yard sale and i came across a box of hornady 150 gr RN soft points so i loaded 5 rds with 30 grs imr4895,5 at 31grs,5 at 32 grs, and 5 at 33 grs. Hodgdon data lists 33.5 grs of that powder as max. All 4 loadings shot triangular groups 2" or less at 50 yds with the iron sights. This gun really likes these hornady bullets. They feed so slick it feels like you're cycling the gun while empty. I'd like to hear from anybody that has killed game(deer or hogs) with this bullet :)....Mike
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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