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Dating a 30-30 Marlin lever gun.

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This is my first post here so cut me some slack if I'm asking an obvious question...

Found a Marlin lever gun in 30-30 with the serial number MR0486 on the side of the receiver.
Barrel marked New Haven, CT. Also stamped JEP (?).
Is this from the old factor or the new?

The rifle has minimal evidence of use. Cosmetics were good as was fit of stock. Action was smooth.

Want to add a 30-30 but with the horror stories I've heard would rather stick to old factory production.

Thanks in advance...

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Welcome! There is a link in the reference section here.
Well, I did check the graph in the reference section. The only part of the number MR0486 that fits the graph is the M which indicates 1955.
The gun looks brand spanking new. It'd be surprised if it were 55 years old.

So I asked here.
I'll call the shop tomorrow and find out what they know about it.

Thanks for the welcome and the response Abel.
I'm usually lurking in the 45-70 and Cowboy sections.

I'm looking to add a 30-30 lever gun to the XLR and the 1895 CB in house now.
It'll be a bit less expensive to shoot......
Barefootdog, The MR indicates a newer production coming off the Remington side of production, also the JEM? should be a rem and that is the mark Remington is putting on the right side of the barrel as well as the JM on the left side of the barrel IF the barrel is a left over from the Connecticut Marlin. I thought I had replied to this post but apparently not. ??? ::) Must be old age! ;)
You might want to read up on various problems Remington has been producing as of late in the Marlin Rant Forum. Mr fixit
I wouldn't pay $19.95 for a Remington-made 336. Get a pre-2009 model.
That makes sense. I thought it might be a new piece. The barrel is stamped with New Haven, Ct. I was thinking it was a left over barrel Remington used to assemble the gun.

I've been following the Marlin horror stories in the 45-70 section of this forum.
I'll probably stay away from this particular gun.
FWIW this particular gun looked petty good w/regard to fit and finish.
The action seemed to operate smoothly. It did look like it had had rounds loaded into the magazine.
I wonder if it was a customer return they're trying to sell as new.....

I did find a NOS Marlin 30-30 with a 91***** serial number dating it from 2009.
I'll probably go with that.

Thanks guys.

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Just make sure it has JM on the left side of the barrel look it over well..
I did find a NOS Marlin 30-30 with a 91***** serial number dating it from 2009
This is as late as I will go on a Marlin. But a 2009 should be fine & dandy.
Barefootdog, welcome to MO!!! Enjoy yourself here and your new Marlin when you find a good one, take care, John.
Consignment racks and pawn shops can be good sources for a real Marlin. ;)
Barefootdog I bought two 91xxxx serial No# marlins a 308XLR & 336XLR-35R both good to out of the box.
Good luck.
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