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Dang, another for sale- Marlin 336 Centennial 35rem

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Looks like some TLC needed on some bluing but I just bought a XL7!!!! :-[ :-[ :-[

Marlin 336 Centennial chambered in 35rem

Anyone with some tax refund money left? :-\
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Tks but I was too late. Saw the buy it now price and was ready to buy-----SOLD at buy it now price!

tks anyway
Sorry Caveman but I snatch it up. I've been looking for a couple of weeks and really like the way it looked. Thanks to all the great information from this group, you all helped me narrow down my choices. I plan to use it for hunting and some target shooting. I'll post pictures when it comes!
Awesome, another added to the collection in the M O family!

I have a 60W centennial, I sure was trying to figure out how I was going to add a 35 rem but couldn't manage it....

Enjoy! Looking forward to seein the pics!
Nice catch pc and at a good price and the fact that it is a 35 rem is icing on the cake.

Looks like a clean, slick rifle. I like the slim forearm on that rifle, would not mind picking one up to go with my dads 39 century limited.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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