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I was waiting till I hit 2000 rounds myself on the range with it, not including what my friends have run through it, all total somewhere around 3k rounds. I have had three hiccups with it all due to user error. I limp wristed the shots, and it stove piped. On to the details though.

This is a full size pistol, for being a 9mm luger. It weighs around 46 oz. and points very easily due to its full size and weight. It came with trijicon glow in the dark sights at no extra cost, which was right at $600 including taxes (NC taxes brought it from about $570 to the $600). Two 19 round magazines and a cord safety lock were included.

The sights were dead on out of the box. I have managed to hit a .22 swing plate at 50 yds with it on occasion.

The grip is a little on the thicker side but are very ergonomic and fit my paw and my sisters smaller hands with the same comfort. The trigger is relatively heavy, around 4-5 lbs. on the single action and closer to 8 lbs. on the double action with no grit. But it has a crisp if not longer pull than the Kimber i have used for the last few years.

The safety can only be on when the hammer is cocked, which is a turnoff for some, but I dont mind as I carry it without a loaded chamber. The safety is easily reachable but far enough out of the way as to not accidentally be turned on while shooting by a poorly placed thumb or a larger hand/higher grip.

The 19 round magazines will print easier even with the cross breed holster, so i traded one for a 16 round flush fit magazine (the 19 is about one inch longer with a finger plate on it to match the ergonomics of the grip) from an older cz because the cz75, cz 75b, and cz75-sp01 magazines are interchangeable.

The take down is very simple; there are two lines, one on the slide, and one on the receiver. Line them up and tap out the slide release with the mag and it will pull apart.

Cleaning is standard from there. The thing i find wonderful about this gun is how oversprung it is. It has an 18 lb. main spring and a 16 lb. recoil spring. It will chew through any ammo no matter how hot a load or how hard a primer.

All in all this has become my old faithful even though i have only had it for two years, and the people at cz custom have never been anything but prompt and helpful with my queries even if they were almost stupid questions id ask.
Ammo 9 mm LUGER
Magazine capacity 19*
Rate of twist 1:9.7 in

Weight 2.6 lbs
Overall Length 8.1 in
Barrel Length 4.7 in
Height 5.8 in
Width 1.5 in

Trigger mech. SA/DA
Sights fixed
Safety elements, safety Manual Safety, Safety Stop on Hammer, Firing Pin Safety

And a link to CZ's web site:
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