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oldbullet said:
Ochretoe try Treebone carving , He has some nice stuff . I found his site while surfing the web.
Yep. Treebone Carving and Macon Gunstocks both offer some nice wood.

And ya know, if you're up to dropping around ten grand, you could get this from Kilimanjaro in Montana. ;)

They also have lots of wood you can choose from. Big bucks when you get into truly exotic and/or high grade stuff.

There are actually guys flying around the world in private jets brokering (and cut throating each other) high end walnut and other sought after gun stock woods. It' not uncommon for someone to spend $20k and wait a few years to get just the right blank for their rifle or shotgun.

I of course, don't live in any of those circles so I refinish my birch. ;D
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