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Hello Anna: I'm sorry to say I really don't know much about you. That's probably just as you have planned and that's fine :D Still, I see your forum as a place to gather a great deal of valuable information. Especially if you are really a gal which after a little reading I'm convinced you are.
I guess you have a fine friend named Otto who I have some familiararity with. So to topic.
I hunt with my wife some and have yet to see her drag out her knife and dig in when the gutting begins. That's fine but I do worry about her getting something down when I'm not close by and not be willing to field dress the animal on the spot as soon as possible. To my mind this is a critical step to be done immediately. I believe good meat starts here. So, how do I get her to take this first and important step? She does help with chicken, rabbit and other slaying around home but never guts!!! Anything but the guts you see. I may be beating a dead horse here so don't feel you MUST have a solution for my problem. We'll always get by. If something comes to your mind that will be great. If not then I still enjoy your column. Take care and shoot straight, Bestlever

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didn't pass over

OK BestLever,
I just read the other post first... I will never pass over or pass on
any question; not intentionally, anyway.
Some people just cannot stomach certain things and we should
be able to accept this and not belittle the person. But sometimes if
you can get the person to talk about their phobia, it may help.
Together you may be able to come up with a solution that may help
the problem. Have you asked your wife why she feels this way or
tried just getting her to talk about it??

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