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I searched high and low for a cross bolt safety delete plug that would work for a 39. Everything I found for a Marlin lever action stated it would not work on the 39. With nothing more search for, I ordered one of the available ones just to see how it differed. What I found was that the diameter of the available plug Was 8 mm and the required diameter for the 39 was 7.5 mm. Also the available plug was 2/16th longer. I figured I had nothing to loose by trying so I inserted the plug into my drill and spun it against my grinding wheel to ensur it stayed properly round. Once it was the correct diameter, I used a dremel to cut it to length and drilled a hole in the appropriate place to allow the keeper pin to be inserted. A little cold blue finished it off. I previously modified the bounce back hammer to a full strike design so now I have a mechanically similar rifle to the 39A.

Couldn't have turned out better and was much easier then I thought it would be!

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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