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Red Room Metal

Here is a quick DIY job that you can do to sort out and properly store all of your cleaning rods.

Just get a scrap of aluminium angle (mine happened to be powder coated), and drill holes with a big enough diameter to hold the rod bearing case. Then use some metal snips to cut a channel to each of the holes that will accept the diameter of the rod, but not the diameter of the rod bearing case. This allows you to slide the rod into each cut-out and lower the rod bearing holder into the rack. The rods are safe and secure until you need them, and you can also sort them by caliber so it is easier to identify the right rod needed for each cleaning session.

My cabinet is only sheet metal so I was able to pop rivet the holder in place, but if you have a deeper thickness of material to get through you could bolt or screw the holder in place.

It's only a small job, but helps a lot to properly store and sort your cleaning rods.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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