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I too own several Dewey rods and their accessories.

I also use a 'cradle' (MTM, I think!) and 'pad' it with old towels.

I'm of the opinion to use a bore brush (bronze, NEVER stainless!!) that is 1 size larger than the bore.
In the case of my .45-70s, I use a 28 ga shotgun bore brush, on the Dewey rod.

Hoppe's #9 removes just about everything that can be removed, but, "Kano-Kroil" is incredibly good at getting under lead deposits/fouling and helps lift them up and away from the rifling.
Two words of warning about Kano-Kroil:
• It's expensive.
• You need to follow up with Hoppe's #9 then a GOOD oil/preservative! Kroil gets down into the metal. You need to preserve the steel after using it!

Also, I cut/shape the end of old (sometimes new) toothbrushes to get into the action and brush out any residue that may be inside.
(I love how my wife gets angry when I take her toothbrush!!! Who said marriage ain't fun?!?!) ;D
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