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chrony beta chronograph

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Anyone have/use one? Thoughts? I am looking at either this or the F1. Can get the F1 for $69 and Beta for $99. Just want a simple chrony to map cast bullet loads (and some jacketed). Primary use will be with cast loads to determine the velocity for loads and leading or lack thereof. Specifically want to chrono 35 Rem loads.

Are there any accessories that make either model much more user friendly and worth the added expense? Thanx
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I have the F-1 and am going yo upgrade to the Beta Master. Which ever one you get, get the Master because that gives you the controls back on the bench where you want them.

The Beta allows you to save up to 60 shots and to retrieve them later for analysis. It's worth the few extra dollars over the F-1.
I have a Beta Master, works fine but I need to retrain myself every time I use it. Should come with a waterproof, large type instruction sheet.
Have both the F-1 and the Beta Master. Beta Master is more handy with the controls on the bench plus it has the
option to buy and hook up a printer. I had two F-1's but gave one to my best friend for his Birthday and he's super
happy with it. I have checked both of my Chrony's, the F-1 and Beta Master against each other to check average
velocity and both were the same with identical loads. Another plus on the side of the Beta Master is that it gives you your Standard Deviation for your loads. A nice feature for sure.
358 Win
Posted this a cpl other places and based on feedback, think I am going the extra $30 for the Master. It will certainly do all the F1 will do, and the remote features sound like a huge plus. Thanx
Good choice! I sure wish someone would come out with good software for it at a reasonable price (free would be good). My old fingers are forgetting how to use a stubby pencil.
jimone said:
I have a Beta Master, works fine but I need to retrain myself every time I use it. Should come with a waterproof, large type instruction sheet.
my thoughts too.
I ran the predecessor to the F1 for a long time. Not trusting the memory of the Beta Master or my ability to retrieve it, I still write down all data on the back of old targets with a pencil.
Another very happy Beta Master owner here. The detached electronics housing is REALLY nice for days on the range when the RO doesn't provide many opportunities to walk past the firing line. Initially I wanted the most inexpensive option available but I'm glad I spent the extra couple of bucks...having hi/low/avg/es/sd data has been both invaluable and eye-opening in tuning my 30-30 loads.

My one and ONLY posible gripe is the instruction manual looks photocopied with handwritten corrections and is the most unintuitive thing I've ever read...your average "chinese instruction book" is far superior. Fortunately for me, I have a background with information technology / administration so I figured it out quickly enough.
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