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I have purchased a Marlin 1895CB and am in the process of converting it from a Cowboy Action Shooter to a Hunting rifle.

I have changed the front globe sights and Marbles rear tang sights to Williams fire sights and FP336 rear.

This sight change needed to be done since I was unable to see the sights in low light situations.

Also, this gun was tuned for fast action shooting. The finger lever plunger spring was changed for a shorter one giving the shooter a quicker release of the lever.

When I tried hunting the lever would open at the worst moments :roll: scaring away game.

So, I just installed a factory spring and now the lever seems to stay up better and does not want to open unless I give it a push.

I will try to sight the gun in this weekend and try out the firesights and twlight rear aperture. After that I should be ready for hunting.
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