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Center Point scope from wal-mart...

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Just thought I'd share this with you all, A buddy of mine and myself are going to be hog hunting in the coming week or so and needed to sight in and practice with our marlin 30-30's since we have not shot them in awhile. My friend decieded that he wanted to scope his rifle as the shots might be a little farther than we can shoot open sight or as targets may be hard to see as it nears getting dark, so my friend goes over to wal-mart and picks up a center point scope for around $70, not knowing what to expect we mount it and sight the scope first at 50yrds, once we are happy with the point of aim we then mover it back to 100yrds to do a little fine tuning. What we found are that that scope is very accurate and the groups being shot are pretty tight in that we have clusters of two or more 30-30 rounds touching(hogs beware) ;D... My friend was very pleased with the results of the scope and rifle combination, my friend had always gotten poor results with that rifle and other scopes in the past and thinks now that the other scopes/rings may have been the problem and he just needed to find the right scope and ring combination to get the best accuracy out of his rifle....A little info on the scope, it is a center point 4-16x40 with illuminated recticle. The scope comes with a battery to power the illuminater as well as rings already mounted all that needs to be done is to mount it on your rifle base. Oh yeah another cool thing is that it comes with flip up scope covers so all in all it has that sort of a cool hog getting tactical look to it... ;) Now I think I may need one myself too ;D ;D ;D
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I got one at the lGS for $20 because they did some work for me and didn't want to charge me, so I bought something I thought was worth the work. put it on my 981T and hope to go shoot it soon.
I have the one you mention on my AR15 and also their 2-7x33 on my 336 35Rem and both shoot very accurately. For being Chinese made, and for the price, they are dang good :D
2shotal, glad to hear you are having the same great results with your scopes as my friend did...I am now wanting to go out and buy one myself and mount on my 30-30... :) I know the magnification may be a bit much but I like the idea of having a illuminated recticle for hog hunting at night... ;D
grandninja, I think you will be pleased with the results of the scope and you will not be disappointed,let us know how you like it once you get the chance to go out and try it.
I have a Leapers 4-16x40 which looks exactly like the Centerpoint. Ill mill dot red or green, scope covers and rings. AO from 5 yards to infinity. I bought it from Optics Planet for $69! I put it on my Glenfield model 25 in .22 cal. Awesome little scope good glass and you cant buy a scope with all those goodies at that price! If it breaks ...oh well at least I didn't spend a fortune!

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I put this same scope on a CZ 452 17hmr. Its surprising how good it is. Sharp, clear at 16x, repeatable accuracy. Perfect for this little squirrel buster. Some of my buddies have snobbed it for not being a more expensive scope, but, all I care is if it works. It does. I saved enough on the scope to buy another rifle. I don't use the lighted function except for playtime. I do wish the turrets didn't stick out so far. I will consider another one for my next purchase.
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