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Sometimes ignorance can be bliss, and common sense gets a chance to prevail. My Dad's S&W Model 15 38Spl will also chamber 357mags and it has never been altered. He shot 38SPl's for 30 years. It got cleaned every now and then. I had some 357's left over from my S&W Model 19 days (gave it to my 2nd wife in the divorce) and on a whim I chambered them in the Model 15. They cleanly fit. I pulled the bullets, reduced the powder charge to 38Spl level, noticed book spec showed the OAL for the 38 and the 357 to be the same, and proceeded to the range. All went well, and Dad's revolver didn't know the difference.

Your rifle will not know the difference, either, other than change of POI as previously noted.

Shoot and enjoy.

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