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Camprmor's Ledmark Cookset review by T-Bone

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Campmor's Ledmark Cookset - Review
by T-Bone

Why get an alcohol stove? They are lightweight considering you get a burner, accessories, a highly effective windscreen, and a 2 person messkit all in one package. This set is a copy of the Trangia 25 storm cooker. A storm cooker is a combination windscreen-burner stand-pot support-messkit for an alcohol burner. It is resistant to quite a bit of wind and greatly increases the efficiency of the burner. Alcohol is not as fuel efficient nor does it burn as hot as a pressure stove (Coleman, Primus, etc), but it is VERY quiet and fuel is easy to find since one of the best is HEET fuel additive. One bottle of HEET is enough for a camping trip and then some. I do not like the included burner, it is not as efficient as the famous Trangia burner, it's gasket seems to be dissolved by HEET (bad design!), and it does not have a simmer ring which severely limits the stoves functionality.

image from a Ad

This appears to be an $18.99 work-alike of the more expensive Trangia 25-1 cookset (around $76-80 US). Like the Trangia setup, it also has 2 pots, a separate frying pan/lid, and a 2 part base/windscreen, a strap to hold the works together and a pot lifter. In most of the ads I've seen for this stove show that they have the base/windscreen upside down (see above). The aluminum seems to be fairly solid with close fitting tolerances enabling this to fold into a fairly small, lightweight package. Weight is listed as:
Weight 25.28 oz 716.6 g

Here are some pics of mine:

I did a fairly non-scientific test. I ran tap water until it ran cold then measured 1 quart to fill the larger pot. The fill line of the pot seems to be at 1 quart. I then lit the burner, assembled the cookset including the pan of water, and immediately began timing. There was no priming step and I did not wait for the burner to warp up. I used no lid in these tests unless specified.

------ TEST ------------------------- ----------------------
Swedish military stove (stainless steel) using a new Trangia burner
9:18 to achieve a rolling boil

Ledmark cookset using the Ledmark burner
11:20 to achieve a rolling boil

Ledmark cookset using a new Trangia burner
9:20 to achieve a rolling boil

And just as a benchmark:
Optimus 111T silent burner w/ kerosene and copper kettle (with lid on)
6:10 including priming.
------------------------- ------------------------- ---------

It looks like the Trangia burner is much more powerful and tends to shave about 2 minutes off the time to boil a quart of water in the Ledmark.

The military Trangia burner seems to be every bit as powerful and the new model, but the simmer ring (if purchased separately) does not fill that well; although it can be made to work without modification. It will NOT fit in the Ledmark base. The modern Trangia fits fine.

I've seen kettles for this cookset, for about $7.99. They are excellent!

I think these sets are a great value and with a Trangia burner, an even better one. If you boil lots of water for coffee, tea, and rehydrating consider the Ledmark kettle.

The Ledmark is listed as currently unavailable from Campmor Sad, so here it is from Amazon for about $5 more: (hopefully Campmor will get more of the Ledmark stove)

The Trangia burner with simmer ring is available from Ebay nearly constantly for around $12 plus $5 shipping.

The kettle - a highly recommended addition:

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