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Morning everybody, being almost safe at home, only going out to check what
the local pawnshop's had on gun's.
I went to 4 of them, had seen a browning 380acp pistol, a beretta 380acp pistol, a ppks 380acp pistol,
a cz 32acp pistol, a cz p07 compact 9mm pistol. and some rifle's and shotgun's.
OH and i found a s&w model 5900 9mm chrome pistol. for those with a marlin camp9 rifles.

All of these gun's were to me alittle too high for the price..
I had brought a s&w model 5904 9mm and a s&w m&p compact 9mm pistol's.
Both pistol's shoot great at the range..
My marlin camp 9mm rifle have some friend's to shoot at the range.
Since the gun range's are closed, been thinking about going out to scout the area's
in the county to shoot them.. Some people have a shooting range in their backyard..
Well, stay safe guy;s, gal's:dancing:
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