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I thought I would pass this info along since I was not sure if folks around here were familar with Bill Springfield. He offers trigger work including removal of the magazine disconnect for the Camp 9 and 45 for $49.00 return shipping included.

Marlin Camp Rifles including 922's

Hard pull reduced up to 30% and creep reduced to a very short clean brake. Magazine disconnect is removed, only the trigger assembly is needed.


Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!

Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.
Bill Springfield is very well known for his HK trigger work and he does lots of other trigger work as well. He is known for quality work, quick turn around and reasonable prices. My brother a friend of mine and I sent 5 SKS trigger groups to Bill a few years ago and we were very pleased with his work.

I am currently off work until my wife recovers from surgery but once I get back to work I am going to send Bill my Camp 45, Springfield Armory 1911 and HK 93 trigger groups to work his magic.
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