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Camera Land is now a Trijicon Dealer

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Camera Land is now a Trijicon Dealer

After a few meetings with Trijicon, first at SHOT Show 2010 and finally at this years 2011 SHOT Show, we have become a Trijicon dealer. Many of you have requested that we carry this line of optics and now we are.

Trijicons Company Statement:

Trijicon has led the industry in the development of superior any-light aiming systems since the company’s founding in 1981. World-renowned for its innovative applications of tritium and advanced fiber-optics, Trijicon manufactures the most advanced riflescopes and sights for tactical and sporting applications.

Backed by a Limited-Lifetime Warranty, Trijicon’s aiming systems are proven on the range and in the field. As a result, Trijicon has earned the trust of those who are most in need of aiming accuracy and dependability. The company is proud to count as our customers the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, United States Special Operations Forces, United States Government, and state and local Law Enforcement, just to name a few. Trijicon is fast becoming the preferred scope among dedicated hunters for all types of game, as well as shooting enthusiasts worldwide.

An ISO 9001:2008 rated company, Trijicon Inc., is committed to Customer Satisfaction through the design, development, and manufacture of superior quality products while offering expert technical support. Trijicon’s commitment to continuous improvement of products and services is paramount in their endeavors to continue as a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, innovative sighting systems.

We are slowly putting the Trijicon products onto our web site. For right now we are learning to walk before we run. For this we need your assistance. The items on our site are the items we have in stock. We are starting with some products that we have been asked about and we seem to feel are the right products to stock. This is where we need your help, and we are gtg asking for your help. ....Which Trijicon products would you like to us keep in inventory? Please feel free to PM me or post here in this thread.

As always, thanks for your assistance and support.
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The 3-9X40 is a very popular scope on this site Doug. Lots of different mfgrs offer that one.
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