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Hey there piguy -- Fill us in a little more. Of the twenty five rounds fired in the match, five are off hand. How are the other twenty fired? Shooting three inch groups at 200 yards is commendable. Way to go. I'm a little surprised the 10 grain of Unique load isn't doing well for you. Many Marlins seem to favor it. The 250 grain Lee bullets seems to play well with the Marlins as well. A lot of folks are finding success with 4198 and 4759 too. Wet Dog and I find neither of our rifles care for 2400 - at all. Your loads may be fine and it's just a matter of outside forces affecting you bullets flight. This is where some experimentin' with a heavier bullet may help. I'm partial to a very fine blade front sight. It helps pin point your shots on a target, and not cover so much of the target up. If you do any shooting off shooting sticks, you might consider looking at a set of mine. They will help. Practice all you can and you'll start to whup up on those big single shot boys. It'll put a smile on your face when you do!! Hope this helps a little. Best regards. Wind
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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