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I really like SR 4759 but I use a grain more (16.5) and out of my CB it just tops 1500 fps with the Lee 250 grain bullet and about 50 fps faster with the Ranch Dog 235 grain bullet. The SD and ES are very low with this load. I was hoping it would give me a right on hold on the 400 yard dinger but I still need to hold a bead over with the factory Irons. I do have a right on hold for the 200 yard Rams with a couple of notches left in the elevator though.

If I recall correctly Wind was having some success with a few more gains than that. Over the chronograph his extreme spread was 3 fps apart, 1701-1704 fps. Seemed to show real promise on paper. Don't recall which bullet he was using.

One thing about my CB is it doesn't shoot .379" bullets very well. Size em to .381" or shoot em 'as cast' and the groups shrink to less than half the size at 50 yards with most of em touching the same hole.

10 grains of Unique seems to work really well. Eleven grains works too but the velocity only increases by 80 fps and the accuracy is the same. Eleven gets me one more notch though at 200 which is the only measurable advantage.

Guys like Shennandoah, Wind, Swany, JBledsoe, 44lvr and GeorgeKY and others will share pearls of wisdom that are worth heeding. Sure shorted my road a bunch. Not many universals in 38-55. Success seems to be rifle specific. Sure is sweet when it comes together though.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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