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Greetings All
After taking this GPS out in the real world hunt in the White River area of Oregon, I can report that this GPS worked great. Lock up time on satellite was within 20 seconds, even in cover. Compass was good but needed calibrated each time it was powered on. It's important to do this because otherwise the pointer will not be set right. It takes just a few figure eight motions with your hand and it's set to go. No big deal breaker here. The bottom line is that everything worked and it got me and my partner back to the trail and to the truck in the dead of night with our Elk. It is simple to use and fit the bill of want I wanted. The five way points it has is all that is needed for a good day hunt. I only used three of the five way points on my hunt. Just make sure to save one for your downed Elk or Deer.


30-30 Man
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