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Bushnell Backtrack

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Anyone tried one of these yet? Looking for something to grap when leaving the truck quickly and getting back after dark.

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Get a Garmin Etrex H. Offers a lot more cpapbility (if you ever want it) for just afew dollars more. Cabelas had them at $69 recently.
I had a Bushnell Backtrack and it was a piece of junk.Pointed the exact wrong way every time and I found out others had the same problem.Lost money shipping both ways but Cabelas refunded my money.So I got a Garmin Summit HC and that is awesome.Save your money you can do better. Mike
I got a bushnell backtrack bout a month ago.. it seems to work just fine. Ive used it several times in the swamp.. I used it while with my garmin (just in case in didnt work).. Ive had 0 issues with it. brought me right back to my truck ever time. I really like it because its smaller then my garmin an fits easily in my shirt pocket.. However my garman has all the bells an whistles..

I would recommend it.
I have one and it has been great - actually it is my second one .... I fell down the side of a mountain and landed on my first one and shattered it so I got another.... PS... it wasnt the Back trackers fault i fell :vollkommenauf: it was my own stupidity... get to mark the truck, camp and the deer i shoot - and get to either of them every time....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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