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Bullet hardness.

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Anyone have any numbers on cast bullet hardness vs fps vs leading? I don't have a hardness checker. My exact question would be"using ranch dog 432300 @2100 fps, what is the softest bullet I can use with no leading? I have wheel weights and pure lead to use . Thanks, Bruce.
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No one will have useful specific information regards bullet hardness vs. speed vs. leading. There are far too many variables that are dependent on the individual firearm the ammunition is being shot in and the way the ammunition was made.

Casting and cast bullet shooting are as much art as science. Experiment and find out.
First things first... shooters always relate velocity with "leading" but the cause of the condition is combustion pressure at a level that the alloy cannot survive. Velocity effecting alloy, any alloy mix, happens long after pressure has taken its toll.

This said and considering the pressure generated by the 444, a bullet with a BHN of 18 should survive the trip down the barrel . This would be a WW bullet that is water quenched.

Other items effect this as well, bullet to leade, step, & throat fit. It is NEVER as simple as just velocity.
Thanks Mike. Water quenched ww are what I am shooting now. The bullets I dug of dirt mound were just about good enough to reload and shoot again! I am getting zero leading with this setup. Just thought about trying a little less hardness. Thanks again .
Dude.... like imashooter said.... it is all experimenting and experience. Take lots of notes and when it comes together and works well, don’t change a thing!
Bollit "fit" is the main key to reducing leading. Slug your bore, cast a boolit about 2 thou. over, and start from there.
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