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For starters, you have to figure out which bands you want to receive.

Start at or
Plug in your street address and the estimated height of your antenna.
This will show the stations in your area, and their strength for you antenna height.

In my location, I have two VHF-Hi channels I want. Ch9 and Ch10 real.
All the rest of my channels are UHF.

A Yagi is a high-gain, channel-specific antenna type, so I opted for an LPDA type instead.
I needed multiple channel instead of max gain from a single channel.

I bought the Stellar Labs 30-2476 from Newark for VHF-Hi reception.
This one has a sterling test review, right up there with the out-of-production Antenna Craft Y10-7013 model.

My existing UHF is an Antenna Craft U8000 8-bay bowtie, which does a splendid job in my application.
I split the signal using the Antennas Direct EU385CF-1S combiner.
This unit was tested by an Amazon buyer, and the results were excellent.

I have the chops to roll my own, but the above work so well especially at a decent price.
The real trouble I'm having is finding a 10' mast, 1.25" outside diameter, 16-gauge, galvanized and more rigid than EMT conduit.
Next week I will pay a visit to the local steel shops to see if I can find this without enormous shipping costs.

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This is what I've been using for the last 3-4 years! A 1988 antenna I got from wally-world. It's about 15 to 18 foot off the ground. I catch a total of 40 channels with it. Duplicate channels, but at least I don't have cable tv or any dish outback!
I use a Amazon fire-stick to catch everything else. Cox cable for internet.

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I like the idea of going antenna.

I'd love to get rid of Comcast. Expensive and the reception/service sucks. And it's always a problem with the cables in my house.

If that was the case, why doesn't the crap reception effect ALL the stations and not just a small cluster of them? It's always live broadcasts on:

NBC Sports Bay Area
NBC Sports CA
ESPN (even though I don't watch these idiots).

The box locks up constantly so I'm having to unplug the thing and wait 5-10 minutes for it to reboot....

I don't hear much good about AT&T either.
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