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Buffalo hunt 2011

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Talked about this on another post but the final plans are here, and I'm on a roll, rolling my own that is. ;D Going on a buffalo hunt in Montana the last weekend of the month to shoot a bull and decided to use my 1895CB with my own cast paper patched bullets. I have a box of my 500gn FN PPB's loaded up and I'm also going to load a box of my 420gn FN PPB's. I have a good load for both using IMR3031. Chances are that I will use the 500's but will practice a little more with both and make a decision.
Just loaded up 10 more rounds of the 500 grainers to go practice with and check my 100 yard zero one last time.
The 10 round ammunition pact is loaded with 10 500 grain paper patched bullets.
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Well Joe you should be back by now and I'm hoping for a successful trip/report
I made it! ;D I also put this same hunt in two sections, here and in general hunting. I'm having trouble attaching pictures today so I will post this and add pictures after.
It was a sacred buffalo hunt and I went through the Native American smockings and prayers around a buffalo rug with all the tools used in the hunt and each of us were individually smocked along with. After that we would load up and drive to find the buffalo. When the buffalo were located we would get out and carefully get close to the herds. We were then instructed to ask for a bull willing to sacrifice itself to step away from the herd. I had seen this done several other times but could not hear as well but when I did it about five bulls stepped out around outside the herd, so I picked the one out that was pointed to and as told I asked the bull to present himself and when I did the bull looked forward and this is when I shot. I aimed at the axis just behind the head and at the shot the bull just folded up and his head hit the ground and he rolled over and did not even kick.
That 500 grain paper patched bullet did it's job, and the back up shooter did not get a chance. He stood and shook my hand and said that I was the first 45-70 shooter that did not require more than one shot that he had seen. I wondered if this was from most that use the lighter bullets but who knows. The bullet was recovered and weighs 431.4 grains which is not bad beings it crushed the atlas bone and was found under the skin on the far side.
I was initiated being my first bull and I ate the bulls last tear off his cheek and I also ate a bite of raw liver, heart and kidney which were not that bad but I would prefer liver over the others. ;D
My bull was also the last of the season and I got to attend the closing ceremony where the tobacco was passed in a pipe and prayers were given to the buffalo, land, water and all involved or anything or anyone else you wanted.

After a bull is shot we would surround it with vehicles to keep the other bulls away while the prayers are given to the downed bull. This also protected the hunter from the other buffalo while it is bled out and removed from the field for dressing.


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Great pictures and story! What hardness are those bullets ?
Just checked to double make sure and they went to 7 on the BHN scale which is close to pure lead. Pure lead is 5. Really doesn't matter the hardness when shooting paper patched bullets because there will be no leading but expanding on game is important.
Excellent Joe . Great pic's , write up and bullet performance , but then you don't have to convince any of us about the merits of paper patching ;)
Outfitter said:
Excellent Joe . Great pic's , write up and bullet performance , but then you don't have to convince any of us about the merits of paper patching ;)
Well you would think that we wouldn't have to convince anyone but probably about 40% of the folks shoot cast and another 59% shoot jacketed bulets. ::) Only if they knew better. ;)

Very few of us out there that shoot paper patched bullets but those of us that do know that it is the way. 8) 8) 8) ;D ;D ;D

I wanted to bring this thread back up --------we don't hear much from Joe anymore. I've sent a couple of PM's to him a few months back and he said he's just been very busy. Really miss him and his posts. Anybody heard about him or spoken to him lately ?

Joe--hope all is well with you and yours.

He usually shows up around hunting season, with some other big ol' dead elk or something to show us...
He posted something in the handgun section just recently. I got in touch with him thru Randy gunrunner about some reloading questions.
He's been scarce.
Well guys, I'm back at it again. The entire family went buffalo hunting last week and my youngest daughter (11) years old shot a 3.5 year old cow buffalo with one shot from my 1895CB. She did it from a lead-sled and I had the sling wrapped under the lead bag. She had no felt recoil. I did not let her shoot the 500 grain PPB's, I did some looking and found three rounds left over from what Mommicked sent me and they were 405 grain PPB's and it was a one shot kill at 57 yards.
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