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Does anyone here own/have a Buffalo classic 45/70??? If about a short review/commentary on it for function...accuracy...etc???

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First the disclaimer, then the comments -

I don't know the diffs between the B/C and my old "Shikari" (other than bbl length, looks).
The B/C may have significantly better metallurgy, tolerances, diff. rifling,...etc., etc.
So it may handle loads or group better.
Also, you may be able to shoot better than me! :D

First, the negative - purely personal:
I hate the d__n side-thingy to open the action. Guessing the B/C has the same. 'Scoped, I need the hammer extension - it has to be mounted on the left else I open the action trying to cock it (handy NOT), and it would be much handier on the right for me.
Better still to my last-century mind would be a top lever -OH! FOR THE GOOD OLD DAYS!!
Mine HAD plastic crap all over it (t-guard, bbl band, the SIGHTS for-cryin'-out-loud). Hope that's been seen-to.
It won't impress your friends - 'til you shoot it!

Now the good stuff:
It balances well for 1-hand totin'.
It's light enough not to be too burdensome on long walks.
It's wonderfully accurate (H__l! When I spend *$80* for a gun - I EXPECT it to be accurate!).
It's chambered for a cartridge that may be equalled but can't be beaten out to 250+ yards (no offense meant - just I'm the only one who knows my criteria, and this is my review).
It's recoil is comfortable *enough* to me for 25-round bench tests in a day (I have a CHEAP recoil pad on it).
It seems to be h__l for strong - I've gone ( in 1-shot/load load testing only) to 2300+ w/300gr jktd., 1800+ w/520gr CGC with no SCARY pressure signs.
I've shot many, many of my standard load (520 cgc/1685fps/Alox) with no measurable headspace increase or detectable wear.

In the "big picture", I think it's a grand value to get so much for so little.

At least, that's my story - and I'm stickin' to it! :D

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