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I have two wonderful Son In Laws, but only the Marine shoots/hunts. ( I did teach my other SIL how to shoot and gave him a nice .357, which he is a natural pistol shot!) My Marine SIL and I went to the range last Monday. He was zeroing in scopes on his Tikka 7mmMag and try some loads/zeroing his Grandpa's old mauser 98 30.06. I was just plinking/fireforming some 22-250 Winchester ammo in my 22-250 Ackley ( a customized Mod 7 with syn stock, single set trigger and 4x12 Nikon) I had previously zeroed 1" at 100, and had put some 6" shoot N See targets on the 200yds berm. Off sandbags, I was easily still about an 1" high and under 1" group. I then started shooting at some dirt clods from 100 to 125 off hand. Using the set trigger, I was tearing em up! I then, just for grins, to see if I still have my mojo working, I cranked up to 12X, set the trigger, and got all tight (no sling either!) in an off hand position shot at the 200yds bull. Sure, I was wobbling all over, but kept tightening up my wobbles and touched one off when it looked right. I could see at 12X where I hit....bullseye! lol. I stopped my SIL, had him look through the spotting scope and said "Look at this!" He was jazzed too! I said "That is what your dady in law can still do son"! lol I said "and I'm not shooting another", lol. Sure, it wasn't all accident as I "was" shooting at it, but we all know I lucked out, ha. I told him to "be sure" and tell his two elk hunting buddies ( good friends of mine too) what the 'Old man" had done! Tell me what shots you made like that with your friend/relative that made you look good!?:congrats::flute:

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Me and a buddy had set up at life size poster of osama bin laden a few years back, shooting at about 150 yards. Shooting "freehand" off of a bench (no bags) with a .300 win mag M77 I shot both of osamas eyes out with my first two shots.
I stacked 3 .45 bullets on top of each other in a stump I was shooting at with my dads camp .45 at about 30-40 yards. Dug them out of the stump and they were all one piece. I thought that was pretty cool.
Shooting pistols with my brother, I shot 6 out of my S&W N frame that were all touching each other- cant say same hole.
That's about the best I've ever done and I'm not sure I could do any of those now.

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I was giving a private lesson in using handguns to a friend's new gal pal and her grown up family. Her son in law had a new 40S&W and the slide had cut her daughter's hand - so we have a fear factor. My friend is military retired and well acquainted, but lacking in people skills when it comes to teaching. We had hands on working with a 38Spl revolver and various super light to heavy loading, then a 22 pistol (to get past the fear of another slide cut). I was making a point about the need for "many practice sessions" to become really proficient and was walking back from setting up another set of milk jug targets. One of the jugs had tipped over (wind) and the red cap was pointed right towards us. I continued my dialogue and upon returning to the firing line, with all members having their ear and eye protection in place, called the range to order, turned and fired a one-handed shot at that red cap from my Ruger Blackhawk 41mag. I would have been happy to just hit the jug, but I nailed that red cap. Then, all wanted to shoot that Blackhawk. Nope, the young lady never did care to shoot her hubby's 40S&W - and that's a shame, but she did get past her fear "of guns in general" which had developed from that unfortunate introduction to handguns.

Wish I still had that red cap....


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I like to think of my real close shots as good ones.
Being more of a hunter than shooter and all.
I have seen some wild shots in my life.
Just not like what your asking.
Longest shot Ive ever made on a deer was a little over 200yds:biggrin:
At this one.
I had does right under me on my left.
And was watching a little buck walking out in one of Daddy's pastures 80yds or so away.
glanced back down to my left and he was standing with them does.
But was looking right in my eyes.
He busted out running across a cut over behind me all I could see was his rump and antlers.
I was saying stop, stop, please stop.
And he did right at the woodline still mostly straight away with a slight angle to the right looking back at me.
All I could see was his rump shoulder and head.
I held on the inside of his shoulder with my 7 mag and he was no where to be seen after the shot.
Found him about an hour later, never took a step.
But Id missed his shoulder and hit him in the neck:biggrin:
A buddy of mine that lived down the road had bought a new browning in 7mm08.
He had shot that thing all week at a target nailed to a tree at 300 yds.
It was doe day and a big doe was trotting across a power line from right to left and Terry shot it.
It cut a flip and just kicked a few times.
Ole Terry said see Randy, I told ya!
The 708 is the most underated cal there is,, its a hoss son.
You don't need that big magnum.
Told him its all in what ya like, and I liked the 7mag.
About that time a decent buck stepped out.
I said" shoot em Terry.
Terry said I cant Randy, aint got no more bullets.
Shot em all practicing:biggrin:
Anyway when we went to get it.
That doe had a hole as big as a tennis ball.
high in its right shoulder and the intrence wound was on its left side down low next to the belly.
Totally wrong with how it should be.
Took awhile and some CSI work.
But found where Terry had shot under it and the ricochet had come back and killed that deer:biggrin:
One time me and my brother Mike was sitting together on a powerline below the house him watching one way me the other.
I had a 7mag him a Remington auto carbine with the 18.5 barrel.
In 3006, one of Mikes favorite Rifles.
When a little buck stepped out maybe 80 yds away from Mike.
He was just like that buck I told about at the start.
Going away with a slight angle licking his hock glands,
At Mikes shot he fell like a ton of bricks.
Mike went for the truck and I walked over to it.
Looked at it, turned it over and waited.
When he got back I said Mike where was you holding on him?
He said the shoulder.
I said big brother show me where you hit him, cause I cant find an extra hole in em:biggrin:
He flipped him over a couple time looking and there just was a hole in him.
Then he grabbed him by them little antlers and it all fell together.
The antlers were moving every which way.
Its skull was split right down the middle.
Inside its head was jelly.
We found where the bullet had went in its ear, just making the hole slightly bigger and leaving a small red outline.
That 150 grain ballistic tip had went in it ear and busted up in it skull and antlers:biggrin:
Here's a pic of that little buck and Mike.

I'll leave you fellers alone,
I know this kinda of stories aint what your looking for here.
But thought some of ya might like to hear of a few bad shots that Ive seen that worked out.
You guys take care ,
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