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Boyd's Gun stock Question

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For those that have ordered and gotten their Boyd's stocks how long was it before you received yours?
I just ordered one for my XS7 and am wondering just how long it will be before I maybe receiving it.
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I recieved my Boyds stock in about a week.
four days.
took right at three business days...but after that it took all of 90 seconds to install it! ;D
Mine is out for delivery today. It took 5 weeks and 3 days from order date to delivery date.
Mine was on back order and I still had it in under two weeks..VERY happy with it!
Just received a notice that it's been picked up but haven't got to the facility to get a tracking number generated. So it's on it's way. Hopefully by the middle of next week I'll have it on my rifle.
gradninja said:
took right at three business days...but after that it took all of 90 seconds to install it! ;D
Yep...well maybe 4 days, but I thought at the time Man, they're fast!! and all of 90 seconds to get the old one off and the new one on! Mr fixit
I just received my stock from Boyd's. One week to the day with the holiday and weekend thrown in. I believe that I will probably order a couple of stocks for the two Savages that I have as I'm very happy with the end product. Took about 2 minutes to change it out and will get to the range in the next couple of days to see how this rifle shoots.
Curse all you enablers. I just ordered a Boyds stock for my new XS-7. I have bought Boyds stocks for other rifles in the past but I have had to finish those myself (and I love the results.) This will be my first finished Boyds stock and I look forward to receiving it. I will post a picture when it comes in.
I've been waiting my prairie hunter for 2 weeks now... well, I live on the other side of the pond anyway so it's going take a while. Boyd's was super-fast shipping it thought.
That Prairie Hunter model looks very nice. I selected the Featherwight Thumbhole because it has a more pronounced pistol grip, which I like, and I am partial to roll over cheek piece (aka Monte Carlo style,) for scope use.
Odered a stock last Friday at 5:00 p.m., a Barricuda. Tracking says product is on FedEx truck and out for delivery today.
Well, I must say Boyds is quick. I place the order Tuesday afternoon and received a shipment confirmation on Wednesday. I chose UPS ground and it shows it scheduled for delivery next Monday. I'm warming up the camera, so to speak.
It arrives yesterday, right on time. It's magnificient and installed easily and quickly. I'll post a picture later today.
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