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Got to put 60 or so rounds through my (new to me) 39A. Shoots as good as I do and is as much fun as I anticipated but for one problem, which I'll post under another title. It occurs probably once in ten rounds: shell ejects fine but bolt seems to hang at the full open.
The lever is fully open, ejection has occurred, no round has yet fed and the ejector on the left side of the bolt is extended into the chamber. The bolt and lever locks or hangs there. I say the bolt is fully open but that's not quite the case. If I pinch the open bolt between thumb and forefinger, and 'pull back', maybe a 1/4"; or in two cases, just depressing the ejector with a thin tool, the jam clears and the lever becomes free and feed of new round resumes. Any ideas on what I should focus on? Really like this piece and want clear this nuisance.
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