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Yes! Great ammo! I've shot both their 405 grain cast and 400 grain JSP loads. Excellent accuracy with both out of my 1895SBL. The 405 grain cast is shown as 1600 FPS or something like that on the box, but it only chrono'd 1050 FPS out of my rifle, and it seems like there's only about 10 grains or so of powder rattling around in the case. I found that load to be dirty, but very accurate nontheless.

The 400 grain JSP is in fact the Speer bullet, although it just says JSP on the box. Didn't run it over the Chrony, but it's a bruiser. Feels about right for the advertised velocity of 1900 FPS. Here's a pic of a 3 shot group fired from my rifle at 100 yards, judge the accuracy for yourself... I shot the group and my father in law shot the one flyer that's low left in the pic. This was with the ghost ring sights that come on the SBL, not a scope.

Their 45-70 ammo comes loaded in brand new Starline brass as well. I live about 3 miles from Cheaper Than Dirt (the only place I've found that sells it), so I pick some up whenever it's in stock, which isn't often. Costs about the same as buying new brass and loading it with the Speer, so I just assume buy it and re-use the brass. Saves me from having to load once.

On second thought, seeing as how hard it's been to find in stock maybe I shouldn't be turning people onto it. Don't buy any!! It's terrible! ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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