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Salute to Condition 1, even if he is one of them Yankees..... :)

BAR7MAG: take that rifle out and shoot it. What better memory for your son to KNOW that his rifle was once used alittle by his dad. Sometimes, its not the item that makes the connection but THE MEMORY that makes our heart thump in our chest everytime we have a chance to show that rifle to a friend or brag about the memory it brings because 'DAD' shot it.

PLUS, you'll be making sure it works well and has all the gremlins out of it before Junior puts it to his shoulder.


Boy!...........Them thar are Fightin' words, Widder!...........You better grab your fastest Coffee cup, and meet me in the street in front of Starbucks at high noon!...........LOL!

I think BAR7MAG should add to the historical provanance of the at rifle and tell his young son......."This here rifle was onced owned by a Yankee".......LOL!

Gee, If we restart that Yankee/Rebel thing, RB Rider is gonna rise up down there in Winston-Salem NC, an start lobbin' Pecans at the northern States......LOL!

Condition1, That was a nice thing you did in helping another shooter aquire a Marlin..............

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