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My name is Bar7mag and I am addicted to Marlins. I have been collecting marlins now for almost two years. Since I started I have bought or traded for 3 different 1894c rifles. I have owned 5 or so 1894s in 44 mag. I sent condition 1 an offer to trade one of my 1894cs for that stainless 1894 if he wanted it. He decided to pass since he really wants a stainless 1894c. He did give me the contact info for the store and the 1894ss should be on It's way to Bama soon. That was an awesome gesture from a stranger that I now consider a friend. We had a great conversation on the phone. The part I didn't tell him was that I am the dad of 3 young sons. I am collecting for them now. I have all the guns I could ever need but I want something special for each of them. I bought the 6 year old a Browning BAR in 7 mag when he was a baby and GW Bush stimulated the economy that time I stimulated my local gun stores economy. I have decided to leave the 1894ss unfired and put it up for my 4 year old son. I think that will be an awesome suprise one day when he is old enough and wise enough to appreciate it. Now I guess I will have to be on the hunt for something to stick back for the 3 year old unless I decide to give him an 1894c. Again much thanks to condition 1 for his generous gesture!
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