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Best Bow sight for hunting AND shoots?

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I have come down to two sights that would be the best in durability and pin brightness and they are:

Black Gold and Spot Hogg.

They both give me all the options I want and the durability. I have looked at alot of the other sights that I could get my hands on and it came right down to; you get what you pay for. None of the other sights had both the durability and the optics options I wanted.

Does anyone else have an opinion on the matter or suggestions?
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Everyone that has a spot hogg seems to like them.
I'm a big fan of Trophy Ridge sights but another fine sight are the Copper John's
But only fine sights are the copper John's, I do not know that phrase language. Please excuse my ignorance but what does that mean?
I'm sorry when I say fine I mean good Copper John makes a good sight
OH...So you are saying the name of the maker "Copper John". I have not yet heard of their sights. I will do a search and check them out. Thank-you!
Any of those high dollar sights have good reps and are well built. I think as long as you're willing to put the cash out you'll be satisfied. What do you have on your bow at the moment?
.010 5 pin Trophy Ridge. I have broken two of them in the last 4 years and I am currently missing the top fiber for my 20 yard pin. I am tired of spending good cash on sites that break after one or two seasons!
Well, you got me reading about bow sights Lever, to me the Spot Hoggs are the way to go, they refered to them on Archery talk as being indestructible and a guy drove his F250 over one to show its toughness. They spoke of the newest models have the best pin protection available. Now I'm wanting one, Lets get us a Hogg! ;D .DT
I am with you as well, but and this is a big but, from my research "The Bullet Proof" sight is the only one that comes with the full casing on the pins and only comes with three pins.

I shoot an older Hoyt Rapture with fast flight limbs. I am only at 230 fps off the bow with a 425gr. projectile. So I need more pins to divide my distances into 5 plus yard incriments. So I like a 5 pin set up.

So far, for the price I do not see Spot Hogg being any better than Black Gold, or the new Trophy Ridge line and now that I looked at the Copper John's (Those look good too!) I am just not sure that it matters that much.
My buddy has all the latest crap that comes out, goes through a ton of stuff, his bow room looks like an archery shop, I know that he broke 2 Copper Johns, he takes excellent care of his stuff but those have let him down. At the moment he has a Octane sight under $200 really likes it but the fiber optics aren't protected on the pins but otherwise top stuff. I asked him today about the Spot Hoggs, said he has been meaning to try one.
Ask him about the Black Gold. All three of those sights including the new Trophy ridge are made of the same 6061 aluminum frames but to be honest, it is not really the frame in question it is more how the pins ar protected and the optics.

My first trophy ridge is good contruction but if I do not break a pin it is the optic and my second one the optic. So I think protecting the optics if more of an issue than the construction at this point?
I have been well served by Vital Bow Gear sights. They are built very sturdy and are priced reasonably low compared to others. I have 7 years of rough hunting on the one on my Mathews Switchback with no issues at all. The sight is very bright and adjusts easily but holds the adjustments very well. the one I use on my primary bow is a 3 pin arrangement (0-30yards, 40 yard, 50 yard pin). I have a Vital Bow Gear pendulum as well that I can change out quickly if needed (it holds zero very well) but I keep it on a backup Browning Bow.
All the above mentioned are real good sights!

I was tossing between Black Gold and Toxonics for my last sight purchase, the fiber optics are superb in both of these..... I went with the Toxonics and couldn't be happier!
Why did you go with the Toxonics?
Mainly the price compared to Black Gold, the pro shop set them both up for me to shoot and for the money I thought it matched up well.
It's a real durable sight with no tool adjustments and the pins are amazingly brite and all the way up to legal shooting hours.
You are going to have a hard time with a pin every 5 yards. I have shot bows down to 220 fps and had 20/30/40 yard pins. Do some shooting at 15/25/35 yards and see where your 20/30/40 yard pins hit. A pin every 5 yards in the woods would be alot to look at.
I set up my sights with the first pin at 25 yards. The second pin is 35 yards, then the third is 40, fourth 45 and the last one is 55. At 40 yards and further is really where everything starts to fall off to where 5 yards makes a big difference. The longer pins are not for hunting really, I do not plan to take game at 40 plus yards, although I could and I might if the conditions are right, but there are alot of 3D shoots that have targets at 50 yards and more!

The last 3D shoot I did has the targets at an average of 35-40 yards out. I shot at a 2' tall standing bear cup at 50 plus yards through the trees! Having those 5 yards pins at the longer distances is nice. ;)
You might take a look at Sword sights that is all that I use and love them
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